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Lisa Johnson-Shull

Is the Director of the Writing Program at Washington State University. She has been an educator and Writing Center administrator for the last 30 years, having concentrated on how teachers respond to student writing as her main academic focus. Her most recent work is in helping faculty in the disciplines assign and evaluate student writing.

Melanie Thongs

Holds a PhD in Physics (Washington State University) as well as an MFA in Creative Writing (University of Idaho). In addition to teaching sophomore- and senior-level writing courses, she assists faculty with WAC/WID course development and provides editorial support to faculty and graduate students across the disciplines at Washington State University. Her own writing focuses on the natural world with a particular emphasis on birds.

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JT Torres

Earned an MFA in Creative Writing as well as a PhD in Educational Psychology. He writes within/about the crossroads between art and social science. Specifically, his first book with University Press of Florida employs literary techniques to explore the performance of Arará identity in Cuba. His academic research examines how students construct disciplinary identities through writing as well as teacher feedback. He is the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Quinnipiac University.

P.E. Rowe

Writes novels and works as a freelance editor, writer, and educator, holding masters degrees in Fiction Writing and English Literature with a focus in Cognitive Narratology. In addition to composition, Rowe has taught fiction writing, both in and out of the classroom. He is the creator and presenter of The Mechanics of Fiction Writing, an online lecture series for fiction writers grounded in Narrative Theory, Cognitive Science, Linguistics, and Narrative Craft. Rowe writes regularly for TCW and is always laying the foundation for his next novel.

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