Videos We Like:


Mark Rober Builds a DIY Glow Wall

Part of our discussion on what writing instruction should include, especially in a first-year class, has been the process of falling in love with knowledge. One of the best analogs we think captures this sense is the wonder children get when learning something new about their world. Mark captures that wonder of learning perfectly.

Stuart Firestein Makes a Case for the Utility of Ignorance

A common misperception about pursuing knowledge is that there's a fixed body of knowledge to be learned in any field. Firestein blows this idea out of the water by demonstrating how the body of knowledge is not only constantly changing but constantly expanding.

Mark Rober Discovers the "Super Mario Effect"

Recently, our conversations have focused on "low-stakes" play as a critical part of the learning process. It turns out that we teachers may have been neglecting the importance of play in the learning process for far too long. Rober's "Super Mario Effect" reminds us of how conducive to learning "flow states" can be.


Sites & Documents We Like:


"The Science of Scientific Writing" by George Gopen and Judith Swan from the American Scientist Blog is a perfect deep dive into the art of writing readable STEM writing. A great reading assignment for your upper-division students with a number of excellent principles to build a rubric around.